ABOUT the white spot design

We are a consulting firm based in San Diego, California that specializes in Power Sports and industrial design. The focal point of our designs is to create added value to your product(s) and ideas. We realize that the business landscape today is as competitive as ever, and the ability to offer innovative designs to y our products, will make you stand out to your consumer, and thus increasing your market share.

Our team of highly skilled designers have expertise in Industrial, graphic, and web design, as well as in corporate image, logo creation, CAD modeling, and concept creation and development. Our ability to produce fast turn-around times when needed, and our knowledge to work from single, individual components to complete project designs, sets us apart from the rest.

Our services provide an excellent solution for any company. Whether your in-house team needs additional temporary help to ease the workload, or whether budgets limit you from hiring an in-house design team, we have the flexibility to work under any business model which will better suit your needs. Furthermore, our experience in working constantly with a range of OEM’s suppliers in the US and from around the Globe, gives you additional options when deciding where to produce your product.

We believe that good design must create the perfect balance of aesthetics and function resulting in a highly emotional final form that endures thru time.